10 Creative Rakhi Designs With Ganesha For A Memorable Raksha Bandhan

You may already know that there are many divine rakhi designs available on the market, and each design has its own significance. But among them, rakhi with Ganesh is catching popularity among women, as it gives not only divine blessings to their brothers but also offers several designs available in the market. In this article, we have selected some of the best creative Ganesha rakhi designs to cherish the auspicious Raksha Bandhan with the blessing of Lord Ganesha.

A Listicle Of The Top 10 Creative Designs For Rakhi With Ganesha Design.

We have selected and provided information about the best design for rakhi with Ganesha design, which will greatly help you. The rakhi designs included in the list are very popular, and your brother will like them very much.

1] Ganesha Kundan Rakhi

Ganesh Kundan Rakhi
Ganesha Kundan Rakhi

Celebrate this Raksha Bandhan in a traditional style with the help of the amazing Ganesha Kundan Rakhi. Kundan is considered one of the oldest gemstones in our Indian culture and provides a perfect touch of traditional essence to Raksha Bandhan. Moreover, your brother will be astonished by the beauty of this rakhi, which contains precious kundan gemstones on the dial and a small miniature of Lord Ganesha.

2] Personalized Ganesha Rakhi

Personalized Ganesha Rakhi
Personalised Ganesha Rakhi

Little kids may not appreciate the value of traditional rakhi designs, and sometimes they may not like the design. So, for your kid brother, a personalized Ganesha rakhi can be the best option you can select for this Raksha Bandhan. This rakhi contains an adorable picture of Lord Ganesha, and you can also imprint a lovely photograph of your little brother. You can watch your brother smile when you tie this charming rakhi on his wrist.

3] Ganesha Rakhi With Rudraksha Beads

Ganesha Rakhi With Rudraksha Beads
Ganesha Rakhi With Rudraksha Beads

Help your brother gain the blessings of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha with the Ganesha rakhi, which includes rudraksha beads. This rakhi includes a figure of Lord Ganesha on a metal dial tied on a holy red vermilion thread along with some rudraksha beads. The Rudraksha beads hold a significant value in Hindu tradition, which would bring immense blessing to your brother’s life.

4] Silver Ganesha Rakhi

Silver Ganesha Rakhi
Silver Ganesha Rakhi

Silver is considered an auspicious metal in Hindu tradition, and often it can be seen that this metal is used in various rituals. Besides its cultural significance, silver also symbolizes good balance in life, wealth, and prosperity. So, this time, you bring good luck, prosperity, and happiness to your brothers’ lives by buying this stunning silver rakhi with Lord Ganesha for your brother.

5] Ganesha Floral Designer Rakhi

Ganesha Floral Designer Rakhi
Ganesha Floral Designer Rakhi

Give a modern touch to this Raksha Bandhan celebration with the help of Ganesha’s floral designer Rakhi. This modern rakhi with Ganesha design is artistically craft and contains a smooth green silk lace on which a graceful floral dial is located. At the center of a dial, a small figure of Lord Ganesha is present that resembles an aesthetic look that your brother will surely like.

6] Metallic Oxidized Ganesh Rakhi

Metallic Oxidized Ganesh Rakhi
Metallic Oxidized Ganesha Rakhi

Shower the blessings of Lord Ganesha upon your brother on this Raksha Bandhan with the help of a metallic oxidized Ganesha rakhi. A rakhi design continues the oxidized metal dial that includes the small figure of Lord Ganesh, which is carved beautifully within it. Your brother will amazed by the fine and detailed carving of this metallic, oxidized rakhi.

7] The Set Of Two Rakhis: Ganesh Damru Rakhi And Om Ganesh Rakhi

Ganesh Damru Rakhi And Om Ganesh Rakhi
Ganesha Damru Rakhi And Om Ganesha Rakhi

No matter how much your brothers annoy or tease you, you will still love them, and on this Raksha Bandhan, you can express your love by buying this Ganesh Damru rakhi with Om rakhi for them. The Ganesha Damru rakhi is elegantly design, as in the center, a miniature of Lord Ganesh on a Damru is attach to a blue velvet string. The other rakhi contains a symbol of Om along with the figure of Lord Ganesha and some beads and precious stones on a red thread. So make this day of Raksha Bandhan an unforgettable event for your brothers by buying this set of Om rakhi Ganesha rakhi for them.

8] Ganesh Pearl Rakhi

Ganesh Pearl Rakhi
Ganesha Pearl Rakhi

If you are looking for a fashionable rakhi, then the Ganesha pearl rakhi could be an ideal option that you can choose. This Ganesha rakhi consists of a beautiful figure of Lord Ganesh at the center of the dial, and the sides of the dial are decorate with marvelous white pearls. Pearls are known to bring calmness to a person’s life and also help to attain emotional balance. This pearl rakhi with Ganesha design would not only give a fashionable look to your brother’s wrist, but the pearls will also help your brother to be calm.

9] Gold Plated Ganesh Rakhi

Gold Plated Ganesh Rakhi
Gold Plated Ganesha Rakhi

If your brother likes to wear a piece of gold jewelry, then a gold-plated Ganesha rakhi can be the best rakhi design to go with. This rakhi contains a small miniature of Lord Ganesh made with gold, and instead of regular thread, a golden-colored chain is use, which magnifies the charm of this rakhi. Moreover, this rakhi is easily available on online shopping sites, where you can buy this amazing rakhi.

10] Ganesh Mauli Rakhi

Ganesh Mauli Rakhi
Ganesha Mauli Rakhi

If you worry too much about your brother’s health and life, then it would be best to tie the Ganesha mauli rakhi on his wrist on Raksha Bandhan. Mauli is a traditional red vermillion thread that has used for ages in Hindu culture. Moreover, it is believe that the Mauli thread gives protection from diseases and evils when a person wears it. So, at this time, you can protect your brother from diseases and give him the blessings of Lord Ganesha with the help of this traditional Ganesha Mauli rakhi.


In this article, we have provided information about some of the best creative rakhi with Ganesh designs. So, if you want to attain the blessing of Lord Ganesh with the help of Ganesha rakhi, then this article will be very helpful to you. We have talked about the best ganesha rakhi designs, from personalized to gold rakhi, from which you can select. So, don’t waste much of your precious time; select one of the rakhis and place your order. You can also send Rakhi to Australia with amazing gift ideas that we have.

Subhash Rajpoot