Best Rakhi Design For NRI Siblings

Selecting a good rakhi design is important for a caring sister because it is a good way to show love to her brother, especially if he lives abroad. He misses her, and the same is true of her; this is the bonding of a brother and a sister. When a sister is in trouble, her brother is the one who comes first to rescue her. So selecting an elegant Rakhi for this auspicious day becomes significant to her. And here are some amazing recommendations to make this Rakshabandhan memorable by selecting a beautiful rakhi design.

9 Rakhi Design For NRI Siblings

You will find many rakhis in the market or online, such as fancy designs, handmade rakhis, designer rakhis, and many more, but finding the right one is important. Rakhi is not just a designer thread but has value when tied by a sister to her brother’s hand. So, here we have painstakingly collected the best rakhi designs for you by visiting the gift stores and analyzing the right one. 

1] Name Rakhi Design

Name Rakhi

Your NRI sibling will love it when you send him a rakhi with his name on it. A person’s own name is the sweetest word for him in this world. He will cherish it and keep it as a memory. The name rakhi designs will show your love for your brother without even saying so. Your brother will think that the Rakhi didn’t come by chance, but his sister has taken time to plan and make Rakhi, especially for him, and sent him to the far land.

2] Lumba Rakhi

Lumba Rakhi

Is your brother married, and he stays abroad with his wife? Then you can also send a Lumba rakhi to your sister-in-law as a loving sister. Just search for a designer Lumba rakhi online or in the marketplace and send it to her as a token of love. You will find lots of designer rakhis in the market; select the one that suits your sister-in-law’s personality.

For those who don’t know what Lumba Rakhi is: It is a rakhi not meant for brothers but for the sister-in-law. This Rakhi is tie to the sister-in-law’s hand to receive protection for the whole family as well as to secure her marriage. 

3] Gold Rakhi Designs

Gold Rakhi Designs

It is well said that gold is forever. The glittering of gold is incomparable, and hence the gold rakhi design occupies a space in this list of rakhi designs. We, as Indians, love to wear gold, and our appreciation for gold never decreases. A gold rakhi designs looks very similar to a golden bracelet, and its simple look is alluring. 

4] Silver Rakhi Design

Silver Rakhi Design

Silver is a sign of calmness. Its elegant shine gives relief to our eyes and brings calmness. The silver rakhi designs is coated with silver, or you can even designs a rakhi out of silver metal. This Rakhi will look royal and beautiful in your brother’s hand. The beauty of the Rakhi will increase when it is embedded with tiny, colorful stones in a good pattern.

5] Old Rakhi Design

Old Rakhi Design

Do you remember when you were very young and your sister tied a gorgeous rakhi in your hand? It looked fascinating and vivid back then. What if you  get the same rakhi this Raksha Bandhan? Your brother will admire it, and it will take him back to those pretty old days when he used to play with you by holding your hands. This vintage Rakhi will revive his old memories and fill him with emotions and love. So don’t hesitate to send an old rakhi design to your brother this Raksha Bandhan. 

6] Handmade Rakhi Design

Handmade Rakhi Design

Nothing can replace the handmade craft, as it is precise and handled with care. A handmade thing will always look better than a factory-made thing. So when it comes to handmade Rakhi design, it is an exclusive thing because it wasn’t produced in mass. Handmade rakhis are woven with care and human creativity. 

You will find stunning handmade rakhi online or in the market, which would be the best rakhi design for your brother, especially if he loves the original piece of work. 

7] Fancy Rakhi Design

Fancy Rakhi Design

Rakhis come in many designs; you just have to be specific about what kind of Rakhi you want. If you have an idea of what type of Rakhi you want, then finding the right one will be easier. There are many rakhis in the market, from simple rakhi designs to the most royal ones. If your brother likes fancy things, then you can select the best Fancy Rakhi design for him.

Fancy and designer rakhis look good, are eye-catching, and are embedded with lots of colorful elements, which makes them look vivid in a group of rakhis. This fancy designer rakhi will be a unique thing in a foreign land, and your brother will love it.

8] Simple Rakhi Design

Simple Rakhi Design

The greatest things are not complex but simple ones. World-renowned paintings, architecture, and inventions are born from simple things. Hence, sending the simple rakhi design to your NRI sibling will be a good idea. This simple rakhi design is an evergreen one that will suit everyone, and you can find it anywhere.

This is also a good rakhi design if you are clouded by the indecisiveness of choosing the right designs. Choose this rakhi design if your brother loves simple things and has a modest nature; he will love it. 

9] Theme Base Rakhi Design

Theme Base Rakhi Design

Many rakhi designs are theme-based. You can find Rakhi in various themes such as Avengers (the movie), PUBG, superheroes, and many more. If your brother has a passion for these things, then you can send these theme-based rakhi designs to him.

The Best Design

Choosing the best design could be difficult and tiring. You can get an idea from our above-given options and choose a beautiful rakhi design for your brother who lives away from you with just your memories. Thinking twice is a good idea, but many times this will be confusing. So every design is good; you just need to follow your instinct, and your brother will like it as you have sent it, packed with your love and affection.

Subhash Rajpoot