The Importance Of Feng Shui Rakhi In Raksha Bandhan Celebrations

Raksha Bandhan is the auspicious festival of every brother and sister. Before the start of the Raksha Bandhan celebrations, the markets are decorated with vast collections of rakhis. You will witness the Kundan rakhi, Zari rakhi, pearl rakhi, Rudraksha rakhi, and many more. Another unique design is the Feng Shui Rakhi, which is the newest innovation on the market.

Coming to the Chinese rakhis is the art of positioning objects, and the aim of these objects is to increase auspiciousness. It is based on the Indian philosophy of ‘Vastu shastra’, which means keeping all negative sides and capturing only the positive vibes. It is mostly seen in the work area or any set-up company.

So, with blessings for the brother and for success in his life. This rakhi has designed to increase love, power, and mutual understanding between brothers and sisters. As new in the market, everyone would be excited to know more details about unique Feng Shui rakhi designs for these Raksha Bandhan celebrations. If you are one of them, let’s go through some amazing facts and the best Feng Shui rakhi to order online for your caring brothers.

5 Importance Of Feng Shui Rakhi On Raksha Bandhan Celebration

1] Bringing Luck

Although tying a rakhi to every brother gives strength to the relationship, various kinds of rakhis have their own importance too. It is said that Feng Shui rakhi, also known as the Fengshui rakhi, brings good luck and prosperity into the life of your brother. This special rakhi is associate with objects near the people and is believe to bring good luck even when it is remove from the wrist. So, it has become a trending rakhi this year. If you’re looking to send a Feng Shui Rakhi online. There are several websites and online stores that offer a wide selection of these auspicious rakhis for your convenience.

2] Strengthening Relationships

We are all aware that the Raksha Bandhan celebrations are keen to strengthen the relationships among siblings. And so is the Feng Shui rakhi, which aims to strengthen the relationships among siblings. So, you must try this rakhi to build stronger relationships with your brother.

3] Health And Prosperity

On this Raksha Bandhan celebration, give a gift of health and prosperity. It is the most important part of every person’s life. This Feng Shui rakhi aims to provide health and prosperity. It is available in various designs, such as tortoises, coins, dragons, and more, and according to Hindu mythology, all bring prosperity to one’s life. So, it has been one of the central points of attraction.

4] Market Growth

The Chinese rakhi design has led to competition among the various rakhi manufacturers. This trending rakhi has led to market growth to a large extent. Which further leads to the decline of other manufacturers. In addition to that, the features of this rakhi have given a new face to innovations.

5] Popularity And Futility

With the recent introduction of this special rakhi from China. It has gained new popularity and futility in the Indian markets. The demand and interest of consumers towards this rakhi have given a new way to Raksha Bandhan celebrations this year.

Famous Feng shui Rakhi In The Market

1] Goldfish Feng Shui Rakhi

Goldfish Feng Shui Rakhi
Goldfish Rakhis

Goldfish are said to bring prosperity and happiness to the house and family. So, this Feng Shui rakhi is design with goldfish to bring abundance, prosperity, and positive vibes to your brother and family. Besides, it is said that goldfish must be kept in the southwest corner of the bedroom for a happy married life and strong bonding in the relationship.

2] Laughing Buddha Rakhis

Laughing Buddha Rakhis
Laughing Buddha Rakhis

The Laughing Buddha rakhi is another innovation in Chinese rakhi because it is also a symbol of good luck and happiness. As you see, every enterprise or company keeps a laughing Buddha on their premises so that they can grow with the people and profits. Also, it helps to reduce work pressure and achieve goals.

3] Dragon Feng Shui Rakhi

Dragon Feng Shui Rakhi
Dragon Rakhis

The dragon rakhi symbolizes work in progress and helps you reach the top of the world. So, tie this year a dragon rakhi on your brother’s wrist so that he may succeed in his life and be at the top of the world.

4] Tortoise Rakhis

Tortoise Rakhis
Tortoise Rakhis

Tortoise Rakhi is another innovative rakhi design that follows Chinese tradition. It aims to bring long life and good fortune. So, your brother will admire your blessings by tying this unique rakhi design made with Feng Shui in mind. For long-term effectiveness, you can ask your brother to keep this tortoise rakhi on the north side of the office or in a room.

Apart from the above Feng Shui-based rakhis designs, another trending one in the market nowadays is quirky rakhis. You might be wondering now what the new rakhi is. So, this rakhi is handcrafted with dials that have funky faces and cool texts. The text can be no. 1 bro, best bhai, best bhaiya, and more.


Make your Raksha Bandhan celebrations fantastic, and enjoy your day with Feng Shui and unique and trending rakhis this year. This is the golden day of strengthening your pure bond as brothers and sisters and promising each other that, like this rakhi. You will always be with each other all through life.

So, come forward and order the most auspicious Feng Shui-based rakhis online with an audible message, creative gifts, and homemade sweets.

Subhash Rajpoot