Last Minute Gifts Surprise For Raksha Bandhan

Looking for surprise gifts for your sister on Raksha Bandhan? Want to make this Raksha Bandhan special but didn’t get the time to plan well for the festival? Don’t worry at all; we’ll let you go through some quick ideas!

Raksha Bandhan is a festival that is looked forward to by every individual in the country as it celebrates the bonding and piousness of sibling relationships. The beauty of the festival is that it isn’t just celebrated by Hindus but by almost every religion in the country. It is perhaps the only festival that is celebrated with full enthusiasm by every individual irrespective of caste, creed, or religion. 

In Raksha Bandhan, a sister ties Rakhi to her brother’s wrist and performs an aarti. In return, the brother vows to protect her from all evil and gives her gifts. But many times, it happens that we don’t get enough time to prepare for the arrangements or plan in advance for the festivals because of our busy schedules. In this article, we have decoded some last minute Rakhi gifts and ideas for your siblings. 

5 Best Last Minute Last Minute Rakhi Gifts For Brothers & Sisters

Nowadays, most of us have busy schedules, which leave us with very less time for enjoying ourselves with our loved ones. In festivals like Raksha Bandhan, everyone looks forward to celebrating it with full enthusiasm and happiness. Let us explore some ideas and surprise gifts for sister on Raksha Bandhan. 

1] Go For A Movie 

Go For A Movie 

Going for a movie is one of the best last minute gifts for brother as well as for a sister. If you are running short on time and haven’t bought any gifts till now, you can surprise your siblings by taking them to a movie or gifting them a movie ticket. Not only does it give you an enjoyable time, but it also gives you and your siblings a chance to bond once again. You might not realize it, but siblings are the best company to enjoy a movie with. You can even choose to watch movies or series at home based on brother-sister bonding and ordering food from outside. This gives you both ample time to spend the day with each other. 

2] Prepare A Dish 

Prepare A Dish 

Another great way that can work as surprise gifts for sister on Raksha Bandhan, as well as brothers, is to prepare their favorite dish. Indian delicacies like kheer, sewai, chole bhature, pulao, etc., are loved by almost everyone. The best thing about it is that it does not take a lot of time to prepare these, and tastes delicious. You can even take the help of your sibling and prepare the dish together. If you have been staying away from your sibling, it is a great way to bring back your childhood memories of having food together with the whole family. 

3] Gift Your Sister A Hamper Of Chocolates 

Chocolates Gifts Surprise For Raksha Bandhan

A hamper of chocolates is a simple and easy way which works best as surprise gifts for sister on Raksha Bandhan. You can even DIY the hamper and customize it according to your sibling’s likings and preferences. They make up for great last minute DIY gifts for brother and sister. You can DIY a cardboard box into a beautiful hamper using laces and other decorative items. After that, you can add chocolates to your siblings’ preferences and can even add soft toys or other gifts which will bring a smile to your sibling’s face.

4] OTT Subscriptions 

OTT Subscriptions 

Over The Top Subscriptions is a great choice when we talk about the list of gifts for sister on Raksha Bandhan. Nowadays, OTT subscriptions offer a lot of enjoyable movies, series, and documentaries to watch. It is one of the most reasonable and thoughtful gift choices one can give to their loved ones. It only takes a few minutes to get a subscription to these OTT platforms, and it comes across as a great option for surprise gifts for sister on Raksha Bandhan. 

5] Online Cakes 

Online Cakes

With the emergence of several eCommerce websites nowadays, many websites are offering same-day delivery of cakes and gifts. You can take advantage of such benefits offered by them and give your siblings a surprise. It becomes more useful when you are staying away from your brothers or sisters and cannot be with them. You can surprise them by sending cakes to their doorstep, which is a great way as a surprise gifts for sister on Raksha Bandhan. If they have a sweet tooth, they will surely enjoy this surprise. 


Due to the lack of timing, some of us do not get enough time to prepare and arrange well for the festivals. To ease your job, we have provided a list of gifts for sister on Raksha Bandhan with last minute DIY gifts for sisters and brothers to make this Raksha Bandhan more memorable. You can also take them to a dinner outside and order their favorite dishes and relive your childhood memories.

Subhash Rajpoot