Designer Lumba Rakhi Sets

You have often heard about Lumba Rakhi, but did you know what is Lumba? What is the importance of Lumba Rakhi, and what are the different types of Designer Lumba Rakhi sets available in the market? 

Just go through this writing piece to learn about the different types of designer Lumba Rakhi.

What is Lumba Rakhi and its significance?

Lumba Rakhi is used to tie in the sister-in-law’s bangles. Just after when the sister ties Rakhi on her married brother’s wrist on the auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan. This special tradition originates from Rajasthan and is most follow in the Marwari culture. It is the way by which Indian sisters esteem their sister-in-law and show respect and love for them.

To make this relationship sweeter, Indian sisters always search for the beautiful and unique design. So fancy Lumba Rakhi for their sister-in-law to let her feel that she is an integral part of the family. Traditional Lumba Rakhi is designed in a circular shape frame. That consists of three or more laces and is decorate with pearls, beads, small mirror pieces, and other decorating items.

6 Best Designer Lumba Rakhi Sets for Sister in Law

With changing times, many designer Lumba Rakhi have landed on the market, but some Indian sisters are confuse when it comes to choosing the best Lumba Rakhi. Likewise, if you are also confused about how to buy the best Lumba Rakhi, then don’t worry at all. We have sorted the list of some unique Designer Lumba Rakhi to tie to your sister-in-law’s or bhabhi’s wrist and let her feel the affinity.

1] Flowery Lumba Rakhi 

Flowery Lumba Rakhi 

Flowery Lumba Rakhi is the best and most eye-catching design, which will be perfect for your loving sister-in-law. This Flowery Lumba Rakhi is specially designe with different types of artificial flowers and leaves. Its laces are decorate very nicely that look like tree vines. 

Flowery Lumba Rakhi looks moreInatural and is one of the trending Lumba Rakhi for bhabhi that is easily available to buy online from the Rakhi eStore. And the same you can also get it from your local rakhi market.

2] Gold Plated Lumba Rakhi

Gold Plated Lumba Rakhi

As we know, Rajasthan is a very royal place, so to give an imperial look to the traditional Lumba Rakhi, designers give a golden touch to it. These gold-plated Lumba Rakhi are decorate with gold decorating items. Their circular frames are plated with real gold, which adds a shiny texture to the entire Gold-plated Lumba Rakhi. This is a heavy Lumba Rakhi design across all variants of Lumba Rakhi. It can be the perfect and luxurious designer Lumba Rakhi for your sister-in-law. 

3] Royal Bhaiya Bhabhi Lumba Rakhi

Royal Bhaiya Bhabhi Lumba Rakhi

Royal Bhaiya Bhabhi Lumba Rakhi is another best example of the regal Rakhi of Rajasthan. Royal Bhaiya Bhabhi or sister-in-law Lumba Rakhi is nicely decorate with expensive pearls and shiny stars. It is the combination of two Rakhi and is elongated perfectly with pictures of an imperial prince and princess. 

If you tie this to your brother and sister-in-law. So this Rakhi might give them the feeling of king and queen. This is the best designer Lumba Rakhi for your sister-in-law and your brother that stands out of the crowd.

4] Kada Lumba Rakhi With Silver-Chained Laces

 Kada Lumba Rakhi With Silver-Chained Laces

Kada is the symbol of protection in Hinduism, and Rakhi designers nicely blended the  Kada with Rakhi. Decorated the unique design of Kada Lumba Rakhi with Silver chained laces. In the Kada style Lumba Rakhi, the laces, and circular frames are decorate with silver rings.

You will not have to tie this Rakhi on your sister-in-law’s hand, but you can put on Lumba Rakhi on her hand just like you wear the bangles. This can be the most unique, durable, and perfect Lumba Rakhi for your sweet bhabhi.

5] Stone Studded Lumba Rakhi

Stone Studded Lumba Rakhi

Most women like stone-studded artwork in their clothing, bangles, and jewelry, and it is the reason why designer stone-studded Lumba Rakhi took place in the market. In this Lumba Rakhi, the circular part of the Rakhi is studded with a variety of shining stones which give it an elegant and glossy look.

6] Pearl Beaded Lumba Rakhi

Pearl Beaded Lumba Rakhi

Pearl is the most loved gem which has been popular since ancient times because you can wear pearl jewelry on any occasion, such as festivals, weddings, and more. Pearl-beaded Lumba Rakhi is designed with colorful pearls, and its frame and laces are decorated with tinctures of stones, pearls, and bells. 

However, if you think that pearl Lumba rakhi is expensive, then your mind will be blow to hear its price. You heard it right because the pearl breaded Lumba Rakhi is easily available online starting at just rupees 200, along with rakhi thali, roli, akshat, and more items.

To Sum Up

There are many online platforms from where you can buy the best designer Lumba Rakhi for your sister-in-law at very affordable prices. As Rakhi is the symbol of the bond between your brothers. Lumba Rakhi signifies the love and affection between you and your sister-in-law. Lumba Rakhi tradition is unique, and it is the bridge that makes the bond strong between two women. So it’s better to explore the online rakhi websites to get a big range of traditional and designer Rakhi this season, and that’s all within your budget.

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