Bookworm Rakhi Gifts: Wonderful Reads for Your Favorite Reader

Buying gifts is not a very hard task, but it becomes daunting when you need to find them according to the receiver’s interests and hobbies. Every individual has different personality traits, and one of them is being a nerd or bookworm. Do you find it a challenging task to decide the best gifts for bookworms? 

If yes, then we are here to put you to rest. Here are some gift suggestions for your bookworm sibling or friend that you can consider buying on Raksha Bandhan.

Some Popular Book Gift Ideas For Bookworms That You Can Consider

If you are looking for bookworm gifts for the one in your life who is an avid reader, then nothing can be a better choice than books or novels. You can choose the book that you want to give depending on the genre that fascinates your friends. Here are some book suggestions that you can gift to your siblings on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

  1. Witches of America by Alex Mar
  2. Gunshot by Amelia Gray
  3. H is for Hawk, by Helen Macdonald
  4. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli
  5. Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude by Ross Gay

Other than these famous books to read, you can give some other gifts related to books and quotes that will be loved by your favorite reader. Here are some suggestions that you may consider while going on a shopping journey to pick a gift for your loved one who is a book freak.

Bookworm Gifts That You Can Gift To Your Nerdy Buddy

1] Literary-Themed Mug

Literary-Themed Mug
Literary-Themed Mug

Many readers have a habit of sipping a cup of coffee or other beverage; hence, mugs are one of the best bookworm gifts that you can give to the nerd in your life. You can customize the mug with some literary quotes that are derived from the book that your nerd has read. You can also take a quote from one of the favorite books of your receiver.

2] Book Subscription Box

Book Subscription Box
Book Subscription Box

There are many book subscription boxes available that offer a curated selection of books every month. This is one of the best gifts for bookworms because it gives the reader the opportunity to read different books every time. There are different genres of books and novels that are listed according to their category; hence, you should choose the genre that is your reader’s favorite. 

3] Personalized Bookmark

Personalized Bookmark
Personalized Bookmark

If you are looking for the best stationery gifts for your brother or sister on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, you can get a personalized bookmark with their name or favorite book quote on it. Bookmarks can made with several materials, such as acrylic, paper, cardboard, wood, etc. So you can choose the one that you think will be love by your receiver. 

4] Bookshelf Décor Gifts For Bookworms

Bookshelf Décor Gifts For Bookworms
Bookshelf Décor

You can help your bookworm buddy enhance his/ her room by gifting bookshelf décor. There are many book-themed decor items available, such as bookends, book-shaped lamps, and book-shaped storage boxes. These items will add to the bookshelf decor and will be one of the best bookworm gifts he/ she has ever received.

5] E-Reader Cover Gifts For Bookworms

E-Reader Cover Gifts For Bookworms
E-Reader Cover

If you are looking for the best gift ideas for bookworms, e-reader covers can be your stop. If your sibling prefers reading on their e-reader, you can gift them a stylish cover to protect their device. There are countless themes, such as Marvel, DC, Pubg, and Barbie-inspired covers, that you can opt for for your reading buddy. If you know what the theme that fascinated him/ her most is. Then you can pick the one according to that.

6] Bookish T-Shirt Gifts For Bookworms

Bookish T-Shirt Gifts For Bookworms
Bookish T-Shirt

There are many t-shirts available with book quotes or book cover designs that would be perfect for a bookworm. You can also take a simple t-shirt and get it customized with a heartfelt message for brother on Rakhi. The message that you will get imprint on the t-shirt can derived from the book he/ she is currently reading or from their favorite book.

7] Bookstore Gift Card

Bookstore Gift Card
Bookstore Gift Card

Giving books and novels is the best gifts for bookworms. But if you’re unsure which book to buy, you can always give them a gift card to their favorite bookstore. With this, they can use or redeem the card when they want to read something new. In this way, they will have the choice in their hands when deciding which book to read or buy.


In conclusion, there are many great bookworm gifts that you can buy for your friend who is an avid reader. From book subscriptions to bookshelf décor to bookish t-shirts, you can have countless options that offer you an opportunity to make your book lover, friend, or sibling jump with joy. You can also give them some books written by famous writers so that they can enjoy their reading time.

Subhash Rajpoot