10 Best Plant Gift Ideas For Raksha Bandhan

Wondering what to buy for your sister/brother this Rakshabandhan? Tired of getting her those same sets of celebrations? If yes, gifting plants is just a perfect solution for you.

Rakhi bel plant, rakhi flower plant, and more are amazing ideas for gifts for plant lovers. It is also the best way to convey your emotions to your sister or brother without saying anything. These are not only hassle-free but also will save you time while shopping for the best gift for your sibling. 

We always want to give something different and unique gifts during festivals or occasions to our loved ones, rather than those regular gifts that we give out every year. This Raksha Bandhan is a great opportunity to build up your brother-sister bond stronger than ever. 

Are you still confused and finding an answer to what to gift your adorable brother or sister? Well, here is the gift you can bring to your siblings whom they won’t refuse, and your feelings will be conveyed to the receiver. This year try gifting plants to exchange your emotions with your kinfolks.

Why Choose Gifting Plants When There Are Many Other Gift Options?

Plants not only provide oxygen and fruits to us, but they also are pretty decorative and have many medicinal properties. They have their language and symbolism and represent various aspects of life. Keeping them in your living room, bedroom, study table, or workplace enhances the beauty of the room or place.

Looking for something useful and meaningful to give to your sibling this season? Here are the 10 best plants to gift for Raksha Bandhan.

Top 10 Best Gifting Plants Ideas To Give Your Brothers Or Sisters On Raksha Bandhan

1] Evergreen Jade

Evergreen Jade

Because it’s an evergreen plant, it symbolizes good luck and consistency. According to Asian beliefs, it represents prosperity, success, and wealth. It is a perfect gift for plant lovers. It grows quickly when weeded from time to time.

Either of the siblings can gift an Evergreen Jade to the other as a good luck charm.

2] Syngonium


Syngonium is a symbol of the spirit of spring: Dawn, youth, new ideas, and inspiration are one of the best plants to gift to your sibling. Their leaf represents all 5 elements: 

  • Water
  • Fire
  • Wood
  • Earth
  • Metal 

It encourages positive energy and also cleanses the air.

3] Peace Lily

Peace Lily

A sister always wishes for her brother’s peaceful and prosperous life. To represent such emotions, the perfect plant that can be gifted is – Peace Lily. As its name suggests, the plant is a symbol of peace, healing, hope, purity, and prosperity. It is one of the lucky indoor plants that bring good fortune to the home.

4] Sansevieria


Popularly known as the snake plant, this can be a go-to gift for Raksha Bandhan. If you wish to tell your brothers or sisters to take care of their health and wish them a healthy life ahead, you can give them a Sansevieria. This plant helps in filtering air from airborne toxins affecting mood, energy, and sleep.

5] Ficus Bonsai

Ficus Bonsai Gifting Plants

This plant enhances the mood of the people who are near it, so it is often referred to as a “cheerful tree”. It is a symbol of unity, abundance, and new beginnings. It is popular among gifting plants because it requires low maintenance. 

6] Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s Ivy Gifting Plants

Devil’s Ivy is a perfect gift because who doesn’t love money?

This is commonly known as the Money plant. It is the best plant to gift as it needs low maintenance. It is believed that the person who grows this will always have money because the leaves of the plant are flat and plump, resembling a coin, and tend to grow rapidly.

7] Cactus Gifting Plants

Cactus Gifting Plants

Cactus is a perfect rakhi plant to gift someone who is going through tough times or is very determined. Life is not all glitters and likes fairy tales. You go through many unseen and unavoidable situations. Sometimes one might want to give up. If your sibling is in the same situation, encourage them by giving cacti. Just like a cactus survives in harsh conditions, they can too. It is a symbol of toughness, protection, warmth, endurance, and unconditional love.

8] Lucky Bamboo

 Lucky Bamboo Gifting Plants

Lucky bamboo is an easy-to-carry, easy-place, and low-maintenance plant. It grows both in soil and water. The plant symbolizes good fortune and prosperity. It is a great plant gift idea for someone who is going to begin a new chapter in life or start something new. The luck associated with lucky bamboo is believed to be determined by the number of stalks in the arrangement of the plant. 

9] Eucalyptus


Eucalyptus is a therapeutic plant with a minty fragrance that freshens the mood and releases positive energy. This makes it a good option for gifting plants. One can keep it in a living room as it cleans the air and leaves the room with  freshness that lifts the mood after sleepy nights or tiring evenings.

This is the best plant to gift to working siblings. Hanging some dried eucalyptus branches in the shower gives you major soothing spa vibes.

10] Succulent

Succulent Gifting Plants

We open up to our siblings, expecting them to keep the secrets we share about us unknown to any third person. Apart from love and care, loyalty between siblings strengthens their bond. Representing loyalty and endurance, succulent is a great option for gifting to the ones who keep your secrets safe and are always there for you. Gift it to your brother or sister to tell them that you find them trustworthy.


Gifting plants is a good and unique idea. They have their way of helping a person build up their personality. Someone who loves and takes care of a plant leads a peaceful and organized life and knows how to be responsible. It is a sustainable, unique, and beautiful idea of gifting. Very few people practice giving plants as gifts which makes the flower pot ideas out of the box. Plants can be a gift on all occasions as they are a sign of respect and to communicate with someone through plant language, just as we do through flowers. So go and explore the wide range of gifting plant gift ideas for your notorious siblings to surprise them on Raksha Bandhan.

Subhash Rajpoot