Traditional Rakhi Crafted With Old Indian Art And Culture

India has a vast art and craft culture, and the country itself is one of the oldest cultures in the world. Indian craftsmanship is supported and appreciated worldwide and can see in our festivals. Raksha Bandhan is the festival where several designs of traditional rakhi online and offline can be found, which shows old Indian art and culture. 

All have loved these rakhi designs till now, and selling traditional design rakhi can grow your business. And the good news is you can find the old traditional rakhi online from wholesalers available on the internet. But before that, let’s look at different types of rakhi designs that you should include in your list for better sales on Raksha Bandhan.

Top 8 Traditional Rakhi Online With Old Indian Art And Culture – Buy 

You can see various rakhi designs in the market, but old-design rakhis are always evergreen in terms of public choice. These eight rakhi designs is purchase mainly by people and can increase your sales.

1] Mauli Rakhi

Traditional Mauli Rakhi

Mauli rakhi is one of the simplest and oldest designs you can find. Mauli thread is lauded as highly sacred in the Hindu religion and tied in the people’s right hand in various ceremonies. This holy thread is also use in making rakhi, with significant modifications made to their design. 

Mauli rakhis are the best choice for traditional rakhi online because they are the least expensive, and girls having many brothers prefer to buy in bulk. 

2] Traditional Rudraksha Rakhi

Traditional Rudraksha Rakhi

The rudraksha rakhi is the next item that shows India’s rich art and culture. Rudraksha is a seed that holds divine significance in Hinduism. It reflects the shadow of Lord Shiva, and wearing rudraksha brings calmness to the individual’s life. It has a massive demand in the market, and providing rudraksha rakhi to your customers can increase your sales.

3] Traditional Lumba Rakhi

Traditional Lumba Rakhi

Tying rakhi to a sister-in-law seems like the new culture in India, but it reflects the old tradition of giving equal respect to both men and women. With the increasing popularity of tying rakhi to a sister-in-law, the demand for Lumba rakhi has also increased. Now, you can find a variety of traditional rakhi designs used in Lumba rakhis, i.e., meenakari work limba rakhi, Kundan design Lumba rakhi, antique pearl Lumba rakhi, and many more.

4] Traditional Pattachitra Rakhi

Traditional Pattachitra Rakhi

Pattachitra is the oldest craft design in India, popularly followed in West Bengal and Odisha. Pattachitra is a Sanskrit word with ‘Patta’ meaning cloth and ‘Chitra’ meaning painting. This tradition is follow until today, and the craftsmen beautifully adopted this tradition in rakhi design. These Rakhis are considered unbreakable and can found on various sites. You can order this rakhi online in bulk from rakhi wholesalers.

5] Gotta Patti Flower Design Rakhi

Traditional Gotta Patti Rakhi

Gotta Patti flower design rakhi is another old design rakhi that reflects the 90’s era of culture and tradition. It has become the trend of big old rakhi design today. You can have this on your list to attract the ’90s kids, giving them a nostalgic feeling.

6] Precious Stone Rakhi

Traditional Precious Stone Rakhi

The use of precious stones in construction and making jewelers can seen in medical history. And now it is an integral part of old traditional Indian art and culture appreciated across the world. You can also find this work in rakhi making, which is popular among youth. If you want to increase your rakhi business, you must order them online to attract more and more customers.

7] Antique Pearl Rakhi

Traditional Antique Pearl Rakhi

The pearl trade started in India 400 years ago and was imported from the Persian Gulf, mainly from Basra to Hyderabad. It is used for various purposes and has become an essential part of Indian culture and tradition. They are use in making various ornaments, including rakhi making, and have a huge demand. You can fulfill this demand by ordering this traditional rakhi online and staying ahead of your competitors.

8] Kundan And Filigree Work Rakhi

Traditional Kundan  Work Rakhi

Old Indian art and culture are incomplete without mentioning the Kundan work rakhi in the list. Kundan is the ancient tradition of art culture where gems and precious stones are use to mount on a metal surface. And these types of designs are popularly use in making rakhis and have a huge demand among the people. This rakhi online has all the potential to boost your business and increase your revenue.


So, these are the old rakhi designs that remind us of old Indian art and culture. These rakhi designs will never get old and will used for several years. If you want to grow your business in Raksha Bandhan, then you must order rakhi online from the wholesalers available on the internet. Online wholesalers are the most convenient way to order rakhis in bulk and get them deliver to your doorstep.

Subhash Rajpoot