Sustainable Rakshabandhan Gift Ideas For An Eco-Friendly Celebration

Any festival in the world is celebrated with great enthusiasm and brings joy to our life. It also comes with great responsibilities to protect our mother earth and use the stuff that doesn’t harm nature while celebrating. Many companies are also taking the initiative to provide sustainable gift ideas for customers to celebrate Raksha Bandhan safely.

These sustainable gifts are made of eco-friendly materials and can be safe for nature and reusable. You can check out the list to choose the ideal gift ideas on Raksha Bandhan to teach the importance of our ecosystem to your siblings.

12 Sustainable Gift Ideas To Celebrate Eco-Friendly Raksha Bandhan

1] Self-Care Hamper For Your Siblings

Self-Care Hamper For Your Siblings

Self-care hampers convey how much you care about her even though you make fun of your sister. Right from hand-poured aroma candles to organic baths and face masks, this hampers all the skincare items made of natural ingredients. The packaging used is also eco friendly and easily decomposes in the soil.

2] Reusable Straws For Sustainable Gift Ideas

Reusable Straws For Sustainable Gift Ideas

Plastics are the most problematic items in the world and are slowly harming nature. Teach your siblings to avoid plastic straws giving a message to take care of their mother earth. Instead, presenting reusable straws can be the best eco friendly gifts for their health, too, as these straws are made of steel.

3] Cork Yoga Mat For Sustainable Gift Ideas

Cork Yoga Mat For Sustainable Gift Ideas

A cork yoga mat is the perfect Raksha Bandhan gift for your sister or brother who is focused on maintaining their fitness. These are far better than yoga mats made of synthetic materials that are insoluble in soil. These yoga mats are made of cork that is degradable in the soil after use or when it gets older.

4] Solar Powered Phone Charger

Solar Powered Phone Charger

As the world is moving toward a sustainable source of energy. You can also take small steps to consume less electricity to save resources for future use. Presenting a solar-powered phone charger to your brother/sister can be the best gift for Raksha Bandhan in taking steps toward a pollution-free world. This phone charger gets charged in the sunlight and provides unlimited power to charge your phone.

5] Eco-Friendly Stationery Gifts

Eco-Friendly Stationery Gifts

The next gift item is for people who love to draw sketches of paint and even more about this ecosystem. Present them with an eco-friendly stationery gift that is made of seeds and degradable that can be sowed on the soil to grow new plants after it is used. These items are new in the market and can be the perfect gift for nature and humankind.

6] The Bamboo speakers

Bamboo speakers

In a world where all prefer to buy plastic-made speakers. You can present bamboo speakers to a music lover on this Raksha Bandhan. Bamboo speakers are the most sustainable gift ideas because of their durability and produce much better sound than speakers made of plastic materials. Even they are eco-friendly and create no harm to nature. 

7] Dry Fruits Hamper With Plantable Rakhi

Dry Fruits Hamper With Plantable Rakhi

Maintaining our health is equally important as we are concerned about keeping our mother earth healthy. So, you can buy a combo of dry fruit hamper and a plantable rakhi to look after personal health and nature too. The plantable rakhi is made of seeds that can be sowed in the soil to have a baby plant. A variety of dry fruits will offer health benefits to the recipients.

8] Air Purifying Plants For Sustainable Gift Ideas

Air Purifying Plants For Sustainable Gift Ideas

If you are looking for eco friendly gift ideas, then these purifying plants can be the best choice for your siblings. This type of portable rakhi plant comes in different varieties and can kept in any corner of your house. They are easy to maintain, require less water and sunlight to grow, and have the capability to observe all the pollutants and harmful gasses from the environment.

9] Organic Bath Bombs

Organic Bath Bombs

Organic bath bombs are bath soaps that are made of natural and bio-degradable elements that are harmless to nature. They clean the water you are using and are even safe for your skin and for your life. This can be gifted as a Raksha Bandhan gift to your brother or sister for their better health.

10] Food Composter For Sustainable Gift Ideas

Food Composter For Sustainable Gift Ideas

You know that composite is a useful element used for the natural and organic growth of food plants. But it takes a long time to form composite and even messy tasks that no one wants to involve in. So, you can present a food composter as a Rakshabandhan gifts to your siblings. This composter is make with modern technology that turns organic waste into compost which is a great initiative to teach your youngsters. 

11] Sustainable Fashion Items

Sustainable Fashion Items

Like sustainable stationary items, some fashionable companies also introduce eco-friendly items that don’t harm nature. From clothes to the makeup kit, all the items are of natural elements that are less harmful to nature and even to your skin. You can present these eco friendly gift ideas to your sister. Who loves to follow the new trends available in the market.

12] Personalized Tote Bags

Personalized Tote Bags

Every girl love to have bags, especially those who are college students or in the corporate world. These bags enables them to carry essential things and are even comfortable because of their lightweight. The materials used to make these bags are naturally occurring and can be the best eco friendly gifts for your sister.

Final Words

Finding sustainable gift ideas on Raksha Bandhan can be difficult as very few companies manufacture these types of items. All the manufacturing companies focus on their profits and use materials that harm nature. But still, there are some companies who have come up with alternative solutions to the regularly used materials and taking the initiative to make this world a better place. You can also take small steps and purchase eco friendly gifts for your siblings on Raksha Bandhan. And the above list can help you to contribute to making the world a better place to live. It’s very important to teach your siblings to about the importance of the ecosystem and the plants and animals who live here.

Subhash Rajpoot