How To Send Rakhi To USA?

Rakhi is a festival that expresses the passion and love between siblings and is an occasion when they surprise each other with amazing gifts. So, if your brother lives in the USA and you are confused about how to send rakhi to USA then you have clicked on the right article to clear your doubts. Moreover, in this article, you will get some amazing ideas about how you can make Raksha Bandhan more special for your brother by adding something special to it.

3 Ways To Help You How To Send Rakhi To USA

“How can I send rakhi to USA” If you have this question on your mind, then here are some easy ways by which your rakhi can reach the USA. However, there are many more ways to send rakhi, but these are some of the most common and hassle-free ways that can deliver your rakhi to the destination you want.

1] By Post Send Rakhi To USA

Sending your rakhi by post can take some time, but it is the cheapest way in which your rakhi can be delivered. This can be an easy way to clear your doubt about how to send rakhi to USA. To send rakhi by post, you need to pack your rakhi in an envelope with the appropriate stamps and address on it, and then, by visiting the nearest post office, you can post it.

2] Private Courier Services For Send Rakhi To USA

This is another way to solve your problem of how to courier rakhi to USA and also a fast way to send rakhi. For this, you need to pack your rakhi properly so that it does not get damage while shipping; however, there are some courier service providers who do the packing for you. After this, you need to visit their nearest branch to hand over your rakhi to them and pay all the charges. Once your package is delivered, you will get a confirmation through email or text message.

3] Online Gift Sites For Send Rakhi To USA

This can be the best way to send your rakhi to the USA, as gift sites like Flower Aura offer a beautiful variety of rakhis and don’t charge extra for delivery. These gift sites give you the option to buy and deliver gifts around the world. Therefore, by doing so, you can get rid of questions about how to deliver rakhi in USA. For this, you need to purchase the rakhi online on the site and then enter all the delivery and address details. Once your gift is deliver, you will get a confirmation by email or text message.

How To Make Your Rakhi More Special

1] Rakhi With Sweets

Rakhi With Sweets

Once you have an idea of how to send rakhi to USA, make it more special by sending some delicious sweets with it. You can choose your brother’s favourite sweets to make Raksha Bandhan special for your brother.

2] Rakhi And Chocolates

Rakhi And Chocolates Send Rakhi To USA

Another way to make this rakhi special is by adding some mouthwatering chocolates to it. The richness of chocolate will surely make your brother feel loved and special on Raksha Bandhan.

3] Flowers With Rakhi

Flowers With Rakhi Send Rakhi To USA

Flowers with rakhi can definitely make this rakhi beautiful and vibrant. You can choose to give flowers of different colours that have different meanings. Moreover, the fragrance of flowers will make this rakhi cherishable for him.

4] Dry Fruit And Rakhi

Dry Fruit And Rakhi Send Rakhi To USA

Give a touch of healthiness to this rakhi by sending it with dry fruits. The dry fruits will make sure your brother stays healthy and does not lack the necessary vitamins and minerals. Besides, it will express how much you care for him and his health.

5] Rakhi With Cake

Rakhi With Cake

A cake fits any occasion of happiness; therefore, sending your rakhi with a cake can be a wonderful idea to make your rakhi special. This will definitely make your brother feel happy and generous. You can look for a flavour that he likes to make it special for him.


Rakhsha Bandhan strengthens the bond between siblings and is the time when they create memorable moments with each other. Above, we discussed how to send rakhi to USA and how you can make it more special by adding some chocolate, flowers, cakes, or sweets to it.

Therefore, make your brother surprised and excited on this Raksha Bandhan with such amazing rakhi ideas.

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