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How To Send Rakhi To UK?

How To Send Rakhi To UK

Sending rakhi to the United Kingdom and other countries can be challenging, as many people don’t know how to send rakhi to the UK. They are even unaware of the services that can be used to wish a happy Raksha Bandhan to their brothers or sisters staying abroad. We have discussed different methods to send rakhi to countries like the United Kingdom and even various other countries. 

4 Convenient Ways To Send Rakhis To UK From India

If you are wondering how to send rakhi to the UK from India, then there are multiple options available. You can choose any of the below-given options to get fast and reliable service to deliver rakhi in the UK and other countries of the world.

1] International Courier service

International Courier service

The first method you can choose is the international courier that provides the services to send rakhi abroad. You can find several companies that provide special courier services on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. You just need to pack the rakhi and the gift securely and fill out the necessary customs form with the requested information to ensure delivery.

2] Indian Posts For Send Rakhi To UK

Indian Post is another option if you have doubts about how to send rakhi to the UK from the private courier facilities. Some people trust government services the most as compared to third-party courier partners, and that is completely okay. You can visit the local post office, fill out the necessary forms, and pay the rakhi delivery charges to get your courier delivered to the required place.

3] Online Rakhi Delivery Service

The above two options can take some time to deliver your courier, and you need to book your slot a couple of months ahead. Besides, you have to shop for your rakhi and other gifts before the rakhi ceremony arrives to deliver the packet on time. So, mail and courier services are not the ideal options for people who have no time for rakhi shopping.

In such a scenario, the online rakhi delivery service is the best option for people who can’t afford time for Raksha Bandhan shopping. Now, several online sites are available, like Flower Aura, IGP and FNP. Where you can get a variety of gift options to pair up with a beautiful rakhis package. You can place your order for the ideal gift item and combine it with your rakhi to send it straight to the recipient’s doorstep from the platform.

4] Ask A Friend Or Family Member

If you are unable to send rakhi to your brother using any of the above methods. You can ask for help from your friends or family members staying in the UK. They can purchase the gift and the rakhi on your behalf and send them to your siblings. This can also be a surprising factor, as they will have no idea about the gift you have sent.

So, these are some of the methods you can opt for if you don’t know how to deliver rakhi in UK. Regardless of your choice, it’s very important to plan ahead to ensure that your rakhi arrives on time at the right place.

Essential Preparation For Sending Rakhi To UK

If you are sending rakhi to your loved ones in the UK, some essential preparation is needed beforehand. Below are some of the steps you must follow to ensure the Rakhi delivery is safe and on time. 

1] Plan Ahead To Send Rakhi To UK

Rakhi courier goes through so many customs procedures before it gets dispatched to the final destination, which may take some days to reach. Check with the courier service or postal service to find out the estimated delivery time so you can plan accordingly.  

2] Choose The Ideal Rakhi

You can find several rakhi designs available, such as traditional rakhi, designer rakhi, and fancy rakhi. Choose the ideal rakhi design from the online platforms that can suit the recipient’s preference. 

3] Pack Your Rakhi Essential Properly

If you are sending any gift items with rakhi, then it’s important to pack them properly to prevent damage during transit. Use bubble wrap or other suitable packaging material in case you don’t know how to send rakhi to UK with security. Else, you can choose the online shopping portal to get your rakhi, surprisingly, delivered to your brother’s hands.

4] Check The Custom Regulation Before Sending

Before sending your Rakhi gift to the UK, it’s important to check the applicable customs regulations. Some items can be prohibited, so make sure to check with the international courier service or postal service to avoid any issues during transit.

5] Provide Accurate Address Details

Whether you are sending rakhi on your own or online. It’s essential to provide the correct address of your siblings, along with nearby landmarks and their contact details. Double-check the information before confirming to ensure delivery to the correct place.

Final Verdict

Now, you must have all the answers on how to send rakhi to UK safely and on time. You may choose any of the methods according to your convenience, but sending rakhi online can be the best option. You get a variety of rakhis and gift items on one platform that will dispatched by the selected site to the mentioned address safely prior to the event.

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