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How To Send Rakhi To Australia?

How to send rakhi to Australia

Raksha Bandhan is a unique and traditional festival in India that is incomplete without the rakhi, which strengthens the bond between brother and sister. But what if your brother lives abroad? Do you know how to send Rakhi to Australia?

He cannot come home this Rakhi, and you, as a loving sister, will miss him very much. The one who supported you when you needed someone the most. He is the one who has protected you in every situation as an elder or younger brother. Now, how can someone forget this loving relationship to celebrate? You can send your love and affection to your brother through Rakhi, and he will definitely love it, especially when you put so much effort into sending Rakhi to him.

So, if your brother lives in Australia, then you must be thinking, “How to send rakhi to Australia?” We have a solution to this problem. Here in this blog, we are going to give you tips for sending Rakhi to Australia before the festival starts.

Finding The Special Rakhi Gift

When you are thinking of sending a Rakhi to your loving brother in Australia. The first thing you have to do is select a beautiful Rakhi for him. Choosing a nice Rakhi can be a daunting task because there are various rakhi designs in the market that can be confusing to buy. 

So, whether you are buying rakhi online or from an offline rakhi shop, try to choose a simple and elegant design. Choosing a lightweight yet unique Rakhi will directly affect your courier costs and the convenience of delivering the package to Australia.

To increase the sweetness of the festival, do not forget to order a surprise gift along with the Rakhi. If you want to send gifts to your brother, then you can check the Flower Aura website. Where you will find the desired items for your brother, as their Rakhi gift catalog is appealing, beautiful, and packed with love.

Top 3 Ways To Send Rakhi To Australia From India

There are many ways through which you can send the Rakhi to Australia, and here are a few quick ways.

1] Avail Self Courier Facility For Send Rakhi To Australia

Avail Self Courier Facility

Sending Rakhi by yourself is quite difficult and time-consuming. First, you have to look for the courier facilities near you, and then you can ask them, “How to Deliver Rakhi in Australia”? They will tell you the full protocol for sending Rakhi to Australia. 

Most courier service providers charge money based on weight. You may need to pay extra charges if you want it “handled with care.” Likewise, the charges may increase if you want a faster delivery. So you will have to choose the right courier scheme to send Rakhi to your sibling living in Australia.

2] Using Online Service Provider

There are many service providers you can find online. If you live in India, then you can Google “how to send rakhi to Australia from India,” and you will find enough suggestions over the internet regarding that. Find the right one according to your requirements. You should also check the pricing and compare it with other websites to get a better option. 

Different service providers charge different rates for the same delivery facility, so look carefully. If you hire a provider who facilitates direct call assistance. Then it will be easy for you to tell them your requirements, and they will tell you the best possible offer. 

However, the best solution is to shop for Rakhi online from a site that deals in overseas Rakhi delivery within a reasonable time frame.

3] Delivering It By Yourself

The last option is meeting your sibling with Rakhi at their location. However, this is not recommended, as delivering Rakhi by yourself can be expensive and time-consuming as well. If you want to meet your brother in person, then it is okay, but many times you don’t have much time or enough money to fly to Australia. In this case, try to choose the most convenient options from the above list to send Rakhi to Australia from India online.

Common Factors That Affect Rakhi’s Delivery Cost 

1] Delivery Time & Transportation Mode

If you want to send the Rakhi in one day or within a month. Then you can ask the service provider to deliver it in the time frame you have mentioned. Then they will choose the right option and amount for your parcel. They use different options, like airways, roadways, or waterways, to deliver the item in the time you have mentioned. 

2] Rakhi Or Gift Weight

The weight of the parcel matters most when it is flying to a foreign country. Many times, people also wrap gifts along with the Rakhi. So their charges vary according to the weight.

5 Evergreen Rakhi Designs To Send Your Brother Living In Australia

Coming to the rakhi selection, here are a few tips through which you can choose an elegant rakhi for your brother.

  • Pinewood Name Rakhi- In this Rakhi, you can write the name of the receiver.
  • Square Studded Customized Rakhi- In this Rakhi, you can put a picture of both of you together.
  • Gold-Plated Rakhi- This Rakhi will give him a royal look on hand that is designed with gold-plated metal.
  • Rudraksha Rakhi- Rudraksha is a stone fruit that is believed to protect the person from evil. Hence it will protect your brother from all negative energies.
  • Silver-Chained Rakhi- Silver makes the person calm and also looks decent. When your brother ties this Rakhi to his hand, he will appreciate your choice.

The Smart Tips

You can find different alternatives while wondering how to send Rakhi to Australia, but choosing the right Rakhi delivery option is essential. Always go for the service provider who has transparency in their services and charges. Also, ask them if they assure you of any loss during transportation. A good customer care service is one of the parameters through which you can analyze if the company is reliable in buying and sending Rakhi online from India to any part of the world.

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