How To Create A Handmade Pearl Rakhi At Home: A Step-By-Step Guide

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most auspicious festivals celebrated in India. On this day, sisters try various things to take this celebration to the next level, and if you are also on the list and want to impress your brother with a fantastic rakhi design. You can make a handmade pearl rakhi with your own creativity and effort. This is the best way to convey your love, emotions, feelings, adoration, and attachment to your brother. 

You can easily make rakhi embellished with pearls at home using a few simple elements, such as buckram sheets, silk thread, decorative gemstones, scissors, glue or double tape, colorful pearls, beads, and other decorative embellishments. 

A Step By Step Guide To Making Handmade Pearl Rakhi

Step 1: In the first step for making handmade pearl rakhi. You have to make two circles of 1 to 2-inch diameter in buckram sheet and cut the sheet with the fabric scissors. This buckram sheet will be readily available on local markets or online platforms. After that, apply fabric glue to one side of one of the circles in each pair, glue them together, and make one solid double-layer circle.

Step 2: After the first step, choose a large and vibrant decorative gemstone since it will be one of the most noticeable parts of your rakhi. Then glue it on this buckram double-layered circle sheet.

Step 3: Make a ring-like structure around the center stone with a decorative bead chain and glue it until the entire surface of the circle is cover. Take your brother’s wrist-size cotton thread and stick it on this rakhi dial. 

Step 4: Now, yellow-colored or your brother’s favorite color pearls will strangled on both sides of this rakhi dial, and in the last step. You have to make a knot after stringing pearls on both sides to make it fixed. This decorative pearl rakhi is ready to gifted to your brother to surprise him with your creativity. 

Most Eye-Catching Designs Of Pearl Rakhi You Can Make At Your Home

Now we have shared the most popular handmade pearl rakhi designs, which are very easy to make at home. All rakhi materials are readily available at an affordable price online or offline. You can buy these rakhi materials, make a wonderful rakhi at home, and show how much you love your brother.

1] Handmade Decorative Pearl Rakhi

Do you want to wish your brother a happy Raksha Bandhan in a memorable way? If yes, then don’t worry; handmade pearl rakhi will do the same thing and will make your brother feel delighted. This rakhi is made with buckram sheet or foam sheet, glue, colorful and different sizes of pearls and beads, and strung with a vibrant Mauli thread that gives it a fabulous look. 

2] Divine Pearl Rakhi

Shower the blessings of Raksha Bandhan with these divine antique pearl rakhis and make your brother feel special. To make this item, you require a divine miniature such as Lord Shiva, Ganesha, Krishna, and others, which you want to make at home to impress your brother. You can add colorful pearls, beads, and cotton thread to make it more impressive.  

3] Stone Studded Moti Rakhi

Are you wondering about giving your stylish brother a trendy and stylish rakhi this Raksha Bandhan? Then, you should definitely go for this handmade moti rakhi and show your love and affection for him. This amazing rakhi needs no introduction and is everyone’s favorite because it gives a wonderful and stylish look. This rakhi is decorate with vibrant stone, foam sheets, green and red motifs, pearls, beads, and silky blue thread.

4] Attractive Pearl Rakhi

If you are married and you want to send your brother handmade gift ideas for Rakhi celebration. Then a rakhi embellished with pearls and handmade rakhi is one of the unique choices for you to express your love and attachment to your brother. To make an antique pearl rakhi, you need colorful pearls, beads, vibrant stones, foam sheet, wool to cover the rakhi dial, and Maulli thread. 

If you want to make this day memorable, then you can make a rakhi card with your efforts and creativity. This rakhi card is made with card paper, artificial floral items, ribbons, markers, or colorful pens for writing, lashes, and other embellishments. 

To Wrap Up

Raksha Bandhan is a festival where sisters want to surprise their brothers with unique rakhi gifts. For this reason, a handmade pearl rakhi is one of the best choices for sisters to make their brothers feel incredible. In this blog, we have shared the world’s most popular designs of handmade pearl rakhi,  which your brother will definitely appreciate this Raksha Bandhan. You can choose one of your favorite designs from the above-mentioned rakhi designs, display it at home, and surprise your beloved brother.

Subhash Rajpoot