Home Made Raksha Bandhan Gifts Ideas

Nothing is better than presenting a homemade gift, as it is the best way to showcase your pure feeling and hard work toward your loved ones. And Raksha Bandhan is the only occasion when you can see the strong bond between siblings, whereas the rituals start with sisters. She ties rakhi on her brother’s wrists and exchanges gifts with each other with a promise to be there in all ups and downs. To make this day memorable, you must go with the best rakhi gift ideas for brother handmade that are affordable yet innovative.

In that context, we have brought handmade gifts for your brother on rakhi to impress your brother with your creativity and hard work. If you don’t find a unique rakhi gift ideas for your little or elder brother to celebrate Raksha Bandhan, just check out the below to get some creative items.

Top 5 Rakhi Gift Ideas For Brother Handmade

People love to present handmade gifts, but because of a lack of ideas and creativity, they drop their plans and prefer to purchase online. But here are some quick rakhi gift ideas for your brother that you can purchase online, buy from your local gift shop, or even prepare by yourself to give some personal touch.

1] Handmade Photo Frame

Handmade Photo Frame

If you love art and craft, then designing a customized photo frame at home can be a great idea to make your gift. Even if you are not so creative, you can make an attractive photo frame using a very simple hike. 

You just need cardboard, scissors, colorful papers, embroidery stuff, your favorite color, and a collection of photographs. Cut a rectangular piece of cardboard, and a framed like structure of the same size as the cardboard cuttings. Cover both the cuttings with colorful papers with the help of glue or sticky tape. Make a colorful design on the border of your frame and paste some embroidery items like beats and laces. Now, paste your photographs inside the frame and add your message in the spaces that are left. 

2] Personalized Gift Hampers

Personalized Gift Hampers

If you think that photo frames handmade gifts for brothers on rakhi are difficult to make then try the next one, i.e., the personalized gift hamper. This can be the easiest way to prepare and can be designed in a variety of ways. 

You need a wooded basket, laces, glue, ribbon, plastic sheet, and your favorite items to include in the basket. Cover the upper and lower boundary of the basket with laces using glue and tie and ribbon in the handle of the basket to make it beautiful. Include your stuff in a well-arranged way and cover them with the help of a plastic sheet.

You can create a variety of gift hampers using this technique using different types of items like dry fruits, chocolates, grooming kits for your brother, etc. And as it is your design so you can also include some memorable items of your siblings.

3] Handmade Greeting Cards With Dry Fruits

Handmade Greeting Cards With Dry Fruits

We all have that child inside us who loves to draw and paint, but as we grow, the child inside us starts fading out. Get ready with your creativity inside you as the Raksha Bandhan handmade gifts for brothers need to accomplish the mission.

A handmade greeting card can be easily made using colorful paper, colors, scissors, and a photograph if you want. Now, this is one of the easiest ways you can prepare your rakhi gift for your brother and show your love and affection.

Fold the paper in two halves and cut it according to the design you like. Paste the photograph you have or directly draw the picture on the front part of the paper. To make it more attractive, you can also add laces and some glitter and add the best wishes of Raksha Bandhan inside the card. But presenting only a card can be boring, so you can also give dry fruit gift hampers that you can purchase online.

4] DIY Coffee Mug

DIY Coffee Mug

If your brother is a coffee lover, then presenting a coffee mug on this Raksha Bandhan can be a good idea. But presenting a mug seems simple, so you can design your own coffee mug with some DIY tricks.

For that, you need to have a plain colorful coffee mug that you can get from various online sites. Apart from that, you need white sticky tape and sketch pens of various colors.

Draw the initial of your brother in a two-dimensional shape and cut it with the help of scissors. Now paste the alphabet on the plan mug nicely with the help of sticky tape and draw different dots with the help of sketch color. Now remove the initial from the mug, and you will find an awesome impression on the surface resulting in the rakhi gift ideas for brother handmade. If you are more explore more then, you can cut any design with the same technique and follow the same procedure to prepare 

5] Jar Full Of Messages

Jar Full Of Messages

If you aren’t so creative and unable to draw a single line but still you want to make a gift for your brother, a jar full of messages is the easiest way you can proceed.

To make it, you need to take a transparent jar and colorful paper, and various colored pens. Clean the jar nicely, write messages on the paper using different pens to make it attractive, and store them in the jar. If you still want to show some creativity, then you can paste some stickers related to Raksha Bandhan to make it more attractive.

Final Verdict

So, these are the easiest and most creative rakhi gift ideas for brother handmade that you can try this Raksha Bandhan. However, you can impress your brother by making these gifts but give them something that adds value to his life. Now it’s time to show your creativity and prepare some unique items to show your care to your brother on the sacred occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

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