Best Raksha Bandhan Fashion Ideas

Our festival is directly related to fashion, and people love to wear different styles of dresses according to the occasion. Raksha Bandhan is one of those festivals where people love to appear in ethnic outfits. The traditional dress comes with a variety of styles which allows you to create your own style by applying various accessories. If you are still scratching your head, then you can try Bollywood Raksha Bandhan dresses inspired by various celebrities.

But many people prefer to follow their own way of dressing which makes it more difficult to choose. If you are among them, then we have brought some of the best Raksha Bandhan fashion ideas which will enhance the way to celebrate.

Unique Fashion Ideas for Raksha Bandhan

People often get confused about deciding on the perfect outfit in Rakhi, and this happens with both boys and girls. In this regard, we have mentioned some dress styles that are suitable for you to maintain the charm of the festival.

Fusion Of Western And Traditional Western Dress

Fusion Of Western And Traditional Western Dress

If you are confused to choose between traditional and western styles of dresses then this can be cured by fusing them. If you like an ethnic look but you feel uncomfortable, then you can try a crop top with a long skirt and a heavy colorful dupatta that matches the outfit. This is the perfect combination of western dresses for Raksha Bandhan that appears like a traditional lehenga. 

You can use hoop rinks and mojris to completely flaunt your feet. If you want more variation with the same items, you can drape the dupatta that provides the look of a modern saree.

Similarly, boys can wear collarless shirts with work embroidery on them and ankle-length chinos pants to appear in a traditional look. They can wear loafer shoes to get the traditional look by fusing western dresses.

Bollywood Raksha Bandhan Dress Inspired By Celebrities

Bollywood Raksha Bandhan Dress Inspired By Celebrities

We all have grown up seeing Bollywood movies and trying to copy their style. And you can find diehard fans of Indian actresses, and many people used to follow their favorite celebrities. If you are also a Bollywood movie lover, there are many ideas that you can follow for Bollywood Raksha Bandhan dress. 

You can follow the dress worn by Deepika Padukone in the movie called ‘Piku’ to enhance the traditional look. Or you can follow a typical Rajasthani look like Kriti Sanon in the movie ‘Mimi’ to have a traditional look in Raksha Bandhan. Boys can follow the fashion style of Ishaan Khattar from the movie ‘Dhadak’ for the traditional Rajasthani look.

Fully Ethnic Wear For Raksha Bandhan

Fully Ethnic Wear For Raksha Bandhan

If you don’t want to follow Bollywood Raksha Bandhan dress or western dress, then ethnic wear can be another option for Rakhi. You can find various styles in ethnic wear that can be customized according to your choice.

You can use ethnic Kurta with pajamas with a heavy dupatta that you can drop on your shoulder to acquire the trendy look that is being followed in today’s time. With this look, keep your hair open and use jhumkas to complete the outfit. Last but not least, use sandals to achieve some height and provide lightness to your overall look.

And boys can wear colorful kurtas with white pajamas with some embroidery designs on the chest. This is the simplest look one can have, and being simple doesn’t mean being boring. You can also use Kolhapuri sandals to enhance the ethnic look on occasions like Raksha Bandhan.

Floral Kurta for Raksha Bandhan

Floral Kurta for Raksha Bandhan

If you are bored with plain clothes, then you must try the Floral designed kurta to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. It gives the Indian traditional look that is suitable for every occasion of Indian festivals. You can follow this trend to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with a braided hairstyle with small earrings.

Boys can also use these kinds of short as well as long kurtas in the rakhi celebration. Keep in mind that short kurtas are very suitable with light blue jeans with loafer shoes.

Variations Of Kurtas In Raksha Bandhan For Boys And Girls

You have seen the fusion of traditional and western dresses, the Bollywood Raksha Bandhan dress, and a typical floral design in Kurta. Talking about Kurta, then it is like a plain canvas where you are free to draw anything that you want. In the same way, you can do lots of experiments fusing with various outfits. Below we have provided some of the amazing combinations with Kurta that you can wear on account of Raksha Bandhan

Variation With Kurti For Rakshabandhan Suitable For Girls

Saree With Kurti As A Blouse: If you are confused about choosing between Saree and Kurti, then we have brought the most stunning solution. You can use a Saree and a Kurti as a blouse that looks completely different and trendy. This is the Urban contemporary style followed by those people who love to try completely new looks on various occasions like Raksha Bandhan. 

Fuse Kurti With sharara Pants: If you don’t want to take a Saree with Kurti type of courageous steps but still want a diva look, you can fuse Kurti with Sharara pants. Sharara comes in a variety of designs that look similar to palazzo with flared pleats from the knee. It enhances the ethnic look that makes it great for all age group ladies. This style is trending among Indian actresses and makes the perfect Bollywood Raksha Bandhan dress for the people who follow their favorite celebrities.

Short Kurti With Dhoti Pant Style: Dhoti Pants always look stunning with a variety of short Kurtis. You might have seen many Bollywood celebrities following the same style on various occasions. You can mix up your Kurti to create a perfect designer outfit for Raksha Bandhan.

Wear Kurti With Vest: If you want a modern look with an ethnic touch then you should try Vest over Kurti. Pair them with palazzo or dhoti-style pants to maintain your traditional look with modern trends that are followed today.

Kurti With Flare Skirt Looks Stunning: People usually wear different types of pajamas that make a common and traditional way to dress. It may seem boring sometimes, so what can you do to look different this Raksha Bandhan? Our suggestion is to use Flare skirts with long Kurti that look unique while maintaining Indian authenticity.

Variation With Kurta For Raksha Bandhan Suitable For Boys

Floral Jacket With Plain Kurta And Pajama: Floral-designed jackets with Kurta always add charm to the men’s personality. Surprise your sister with the unconventional look of a Nehru jacket over Kurta printed with a floral design. These jackets are suitable for every plain kurta with pencil pants and carry out the entire look for various events like Raksha Bandhan.

Short Kurta With Stylish Dhoti: Short Kurta with Dhoti makes the perfect look to grab the attention of others. The dhoti should be ankle length, and the kurta should be above your knees with a traditional jutti. This style is followed by many Bollywood styles and this makes the Bollywood Raksha Bandhan dress to celebrate the occasion.

Floral Kurta With Chinos: Plain Kurta seems boring in some places so people keep on searching for designer kurtas for special events. If you want to add a modern touch to your outfit. So you can try floral Kurta with ankle-length chinos and loafer shoes to enhance your look more.

Long Kurta With Dhoti: This look is for those people who love to follow the full traditional outfit for special events like Raksha Bandhan. If you don’t know what to wear then you can try a dark color floral kurta in a colorful dhoti or even a white dhoti. And add traditional jutti to complete the overall look for the Rakhi celebration.

Pathani Kurta With Denim Jeans: And last is the Pathani Kurta with Denim Jeans. That is loved by every young-blooded man. This Pathani suit gives you a muscular look. Which makes the perfect look for important events as well as for normal days.

Bottom Line

Fashion plays a very important role in our life, and people always want to be perfect in every special moment. And Raksha Bandhan is the moment when siblings start planning months before for a perfect outfit. For that, they usually follow their favorite celebs to match the perfect Bollywood Raksha Bandhan dress. If you don’t find any ideas. Then these fashion ideas can be followed for the Raksha Bandhan celebration or any other similar events.

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