Amazing Rakhi Gifts for Brother Who Are Working From Home

Work from home has become the new trend since the pandemic hit, and it has been followed till now. It seems more convenient and comfortable than going to the office, but sometimes it becomes stressful. If you are looking for Rakhi gifts for brother, then you can choose a gift that can motivate him and lower his stress during work.

But finding such gifts can be difficult because of the several options available on the market. So, we have shortlisted some of the rakhi gifts that will fulfill their requirement.

13 Useful And Motivational Rakhi Gifts For Brother Working From Home

If you have browsed multiple sites and gotten exhausted trying to find the ideal gift, then here is the solution. We have shortlisted some of the best Rakhi gifts for brother to help you fulfill your bucket list faster.

1] Planner


We might have observed that it becomes hard for a person to manage and keep track of both the tasks related to home and work. One useful gift that you can present to your brother on Raksha Bandhan is a planner that will make his task management easy. He will be able to note the important work according to the days and months of work.

2] Motivational Gift For Him

Motivational Gift For Him

Working from home can be very stressful, as you are alone at home and manage everything on your own. At this stage, one can lose confidence and face situations like depression and anxiety. Motivate your brother with some motivational Rakhi gifts like books or audiobooks to boost his confidence in life.

3] Night Lamp

Night Lamp

The next gift is for the people who need to work for the whole night and can’t disturb anyone by switching on the lights. This makes their work more difficult, and working in dim light can affect their eyesight. So, presenting a night lamp can be the best Rakhi gift for brother, providing him with enough lights to work at night.

4] Tea Or Coffee Gift Hamper

Tea Or Coffee Gift Hamper

Many people prefer to have tea or coffee during their work to stay refreshed for the whole day. So preparing the tea or coffee gift hamper can be one of the useful rakhi gift ideas for brother handmade. Include a variety of coffee or tea with a set of cups and sugar in the box and wrap it with colorful paper to make it attractive.

5] Portable Desk Rakhi Gifts for Brother

Portable Desk Rakhi Gifts for Brother

On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, help your brother make his workplace more convenient. Gift him a portable desk that provides all the comfort he needs to work from anywhere in the house. This lightweight foldable table contains enough space to place the laptop and other essential things well organized and can fit in a small place.

6] Pen Set Rakhi Gifts for Brother

Pen Set Rakhi Gifts for Brother

Another useful Rakhi gifts for brother is a pen set that will help him manage his tasks efficiently. This is the best gift for people who keep their tables messy and outcry when they don’t find any pens to note something. 

7] Portable Plant With Rakhi

Portable Plant With Rakhi

Besides providing convenience at work, it is equally important to take care of their health. Present them with a portable plant and a rakhi to show how much you care for them, even after all their fights. These plants are easy to maintain and can kept on the work table, offering a fresh environment at work.

8] A Comfortable Desk Chair As The Best Rakhi Gift For Brother

Comfortable Desk Chair As The Best Rakhi Gift For Brother

Another health gift that you can present to your brother is a comfortable desk chair. This wheelchair will keep his back straight and avoid various back pain issues. The wheel in the chair will allow him to access essential things while sitting and provide extra comfort during work.

9] Personalized Laptop Skin

Personalized Laptop Skin

Motivation doesn’t come only from reading books; sometimes, a simple quote can also keep them charged for the whole day. Presenting them with a laptop skin with a motivational quote can be the unique customized gifts for brother on Rakhi. It will get charged before work and even make him remember whenever he opens his laptop.

10] Football Silicon Night Lamp

Football Silicon Night Lamp

Some entertainment is also needed in between the work to recharge after working for some time. The football silicon night lamp emits a soft light perfect for the night; providing peace at work is one of the perfect rakhi gifts for brother. It can also used as a real football that he can play to release his stress.

11] Magnetic Tablet Holder

Magnetic Tablet Holder

The magnetic tablet holder is one of the ideal rakhi gifts for your graphic designer brother or related to any creative gift. The stand provides convenient placement of the tablet and can easily hold 10 pounds of weight. Its rotational mechanism allows the user to use the device either horizontally or vertically, giving full flexibility at work.

12] Cord Organizer Rakhi Gifts for Brother

Cord Organizer Rakhi Gifts for Brother

A cord organizer is one of the best rakhi gifts for people who can’t work in cluttered spaces. And cables from various electronic accessories make things messy even if you organize your table daily. This cord organizer helps to separate wires and cables and make the place neat, providing easy accessibility for each wire. 

13] Table Cleaner Set Rakhi Gifts for Brother

Table Cleaner Set Rakhi Gifts for Brother

The table cleaner set is the best Rakhi gift hampers for brother who keep things unorganized. This table cleaner set contains a bottle of cleaner, soft clothes, and various disinfected elements that will help to keep their things clean and healthy. 

Final Words

You must have explored several sites but didn’t find the ideal gift for your brother that would suit his personality. Sometimes searching for rakhi gifts for brother can be difficult because of the requirements that your brother actually needs. So, these are the gifts you can buy for your brothers to present on Raksha Bandhan for their comfort, better health, and to boost their energy.

We understand your requirement and have shortlisted these gift items, which include all categories that your brothers need at work. Going through this list can save you precious time and energy and even help you plan your gifts way before Raksha Bandhan arrives.

Subhash Rajpoot